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Folders with an Image Representation

Slides is a simple browser for viewing images on your Mac. It combines a list or column folder browser with a grid of thumbnails and an optional preview pane.

Resize, crop, flip and rotate images with support for multiple selections.

Copy, cut, paste, dragging and file operations such as copying, moving and renaming are fully implemented.

Key Features


Recent Folders Favorites: maintain a list of your favorite folders for one-click access. Arrange them in any order.

Browse: choose from a column or list view for browsing folders. The full path of the selected item is shown at the top of the window: click on any of its component to jump directly to that folder.

Recent folders: open a list of the most recent folders you visited with the Recent button to go back directly to a specific location. Or navigate quickly with the back and forward buttons.

Pasteboard: reveal the image files on the pasteboard. Copy an actual image to the pasteboard and paste it directly into your favourite editor.

slidesFilters Selection

Recurse: click the Recurse button to reveal every single picture found in the current folder and all its subfolders and so on.

Filters: show only files, only folders or both. Display files and folders with a specified tag.

slidesPreferences Appearance

Folder representation: most folders all represented by the same blue folder icon. Let Slides put an image found anywhere within the folder frontmost.

Customize: pick a theme, set borders and shadow. Choose relevant information such as file name, resolution or modification date to display as title and subtitle. Move the slider to set the size.


Preview: activate the optional preview pane to display the pictures as you browse. Zoom the image in and out. To view more slides close that pane and press the spacebar for previewing.

Mosaic: select a folder in the slides view and move the mouse over the preview to cycle through the images included in that folder. Move it away to reveal a mosaic of its contents.

Slideshow: start a slideshow with a single click. Let the show flow on its own with a duration of your choice or change images at your pace. Several animation effects are available for transitioning.

slides-resize Use and Transform

Resize & crop: resize and crop images with support for multiple selections.

Rotate & flip: rotate and flip images with support for multiple selections.

Tags: assign tags to files and folders. Available on the slides, browser and outline panels.

Share: open the selected items with their default application. Send them to iPhoto. Create an eMail from the selected images. Or select another application: it will be conveniently added to your "Open with" list.

File Operations
File management

Copy, move, rename and delete files & folders. Create new folders. Get detailed informations on images.

Copying and moving operations are performed with a smart file operations queue allowing to pause or cancel tasks.